Cultural Christians in the Early Church

In this episode, we explore the reality of the early church beyond the romanticized depictions. Dr. Nadya Williams, a military historian, sheds light on her book, ‘Cultural Christians in the Early Church.’ She reveals that despite our idealized visions, the early Christians were flawed individuals just like us, influenced by the cultures they lived in. Join us as we uncover the humanity within the historical narrative of Christianity.

Elvis Lives w/ Billy Stanley

Elvis Lives? Hear the first hand account of a stepbrother dying and encountering him in Heaven!
Elvis Presley, the legendary “King of Rock and Roll,” captivated the world until his sudden passing in 1977 at the age of 42. However, beyond his musical prowess, lies a facet of his life often overlooked: his deep-rooted faith.

Everything Matters w/ Charlie Peacock & Andi Ashworth

Do feel at times your seemingly mundane life and daily routines don’t have meaning in the big picture? Be encouraged that your life not only matters, but has true meaning and impact in God’s Kingdom. Charlie Peacock & Andi Ashworth join Becoming Outlaws to share these ideas straight from their new book, ‘Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matter So Much: The Way of Love in a World of Hurt.’

Shaped Notes w/ Larnelle Harris

How do we influence those around us in their life’s journey? Are we grateful for those who have helped mold us into who we are today?

Gospel Music Legend, Larnelle Harris, shares how various people in his life were instrumental in shaping his faith and career.

3 Coming Messiahs

Did you know the worlds top 3 major religions are all expecting the soon arrival of a Messiah? Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Not only expecting, but all three believe it could be imminent.

God & the God Particle w/ Fr. Andrew Pinsent

Dr. Andrew Pinsent a renowned physicist and theologian, takes us on a journey to understand the enigmatic “God Particle” and its profound significance. We’ll explore what the God Particle really is, why it matters to our understanding of the universe, and the intriguing theological implications it holds.