A Life Lifting Rojo w/ Cindy Morgan

Cindy discusses her new novel, ‘The Year of Jubilee,’ and candidly speaks of the heartaches that have wrought some of the most precious lyrics put to pen and music.
Nashville singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan is a two-time GRAMMY® nominee, a thirteen-time Dove winner, and a recipient of the prestigious Songwriter of the Year trophy. Morgan has 21 number-one radio hits to her credit. The Year of Jubilee is Cindy’s fourth book and her first novel.

Becoming Outlaws Origin Interview. Bonus Material.

‘A Juicy Pear Podcast Starring Wendy’ discusses with Ken the origins of the ‘Becoming Outlaws’ podcast and about and some of his origin story. Ken shares how Bible is the most paranormal book man has ever gotten their hands on. […]