My Falling Out With BioLogos

The BioLogos Foundation was founded by the former Director of the National Institute of Health, who is also known for his role in mapping the human genome. This person, Francis Collins, was once an atheist scientist. However, his deep dive into microbiology, particularly the DNA structure of living organisms, led him to a profound realization: the existence of God. This spiritual epiphany guided him towards Christianity. He subsequently penned the New York Times bestseller, ‘The Language of God,’ in which he describes how science can point to an intelligent creator.

Dr. Francis Collins

Capitalizing on the success of his book, Collins initiated the BioLogos foundation. The foundation, stationed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, encourages a dialogue on faith and science, involving leading scholars through writings, lectures, and leadership roles.

In my personal journey, I joined BioLogos after being selected from a nationwide search to serve as their Chief Development Officer. It was only during the interview that I learned about the organization’s core focus: Evolutionary Creationism. This was a new concept to me. In essence, it suggests that while evolution is a factual process, it was initiated and overseen by God.

However, my stint at BioLogos was short-lived, lasting only four months. The reason? I couldn’t, in good conscience, sign a statement affirming that current scientific evidence fully supports Evolutionary Creationism. I deeply respected the organization’s willingness to host debates and discussions about different views on Creation. Such platforms help individuals grappling with the supposed conflict between ‘faith and science’ to see that they don’t need to pick one over the other.

The job at BioLogos was a significant opportunity for me – both in prestige and remuneration. Yet, I am steadfast in my belief: if a doctrine isn’t unequivocally grounded in scripture, no institution has the right to mandate it as a personal belief. This conviction became my anchor, reminiscent of Martin Luther’s iconic “Here I Stand” proclamation.

While my time at BioLogos was brief, it was not in vain. The knowledge I acquired and the connections I made eventually led me to associate with the ‘Reasons to Believe’ organization based in California. This connection indirectly paved the way for my current podcast. I owe a lot to BioLogos for inadvertently setting me on this path.

I’m sharing this personal insight not just as a reference for my recent podcast episode, ‘Creation w/ Dr. Fazale Rana’ (from Reasons to Believe) but also for anyone who might find my journey compelling. Through this episode and others, I aim to empower listeners, helping them navigate faith decisions with well-informed knowledge and encouragement, free from unproven creeds.

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