The 1 Habit of Highly Effective People

Cleopatra had her sails fragranced before sailing to meet Marc Antony.

Aromas have played a significant role in human history, from the use of fragrances by Cleopatra to the burning of incense in ancient worship rituals. Smell is closely linked to memory and emotion, and scientists say that we can individually smell 1 trillion different odors. Also, 80% of what we perceive as taste is due to our sense of smell.

In modern times, fragrance is also an essential factor in marketing. Using fragrance in stores and marketing efforts can lead to an 11% increase in sales over time and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. Moreover, 75% of our daily emotions are generated by smell, and people are 100 times more likely to remember a scent than other senses.

But the power of aroma is not just limited to marketing and history. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul speaks of the aroma of Christ. As believers, we are called to be the aroma of Christ, spreading His fragrance wherever we go. It consists of love, peace, joy, kindness, and goodness.

However, being the aroma of Christ is not something we can manufacture or create through self-improvement. Instead, it comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing His fruits to grow in our lives. Self-improvement outside of the Holy Spirit improving us may help in some areas of our lives in the short term, but it’s based on man’s laws, which are temporal and of no value. Instead, we should focus on being who God created us to be.

Diffuse the Aroma of Christ

In the workplace, being ethical and making the right choices is not about trying but about having a spiritual relationship with God. By focusing on our relationship with Him, we can let His values guide our day-to-day actions and make ethical choices effortlessly.|

As we live in the aroma of Christ, we can positively impact those around us. Our lives can be triumphal, leading others to Christ and spreading His fragrance to all we encounter. Like a tree planted by water, our lives can bear fruit and impact the world for good.

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