What Does “Becoming Outlaws” Mean?

One Human Race

This podcast is about honest and revealing conversations of faith with people from all walks of life. There is only one human race, and we all have the same needs, wants, and desires.

Arguably one of the essential needs of human existence is to know the truth. Without truth, there is a hole in every one of us, a place of confusion, an emptiness, a nagging that there is something more to life that we have either not yet achieved or have yet to discover.

Internal Human Need of the Soul

Without this internal human need of the soul resolved, we go through life perhaps believing the call of culture: its success, materialism, status, and even fame. However, we continually see those who reach this plateau and realize those weren’t the solutions. They either continue the path to their physical destruction, immerse themselves in philanthropy, turn to religion or cults, or feel it’s futile and end their life.

The Religion Solution

The solution through religion is like the game of hide and seek with another player. There is a truth to be found, but where? Those who believe the hider is there but can never be found would be the Gnostic.

Those that stumble in the dark can easily get distracted by noises and wrong rooms and find a playroom with intriguing toys and dolls in the moonlight window, which looks like the one they were looking for, but it’s all an elaborate distraction. These are false religions, mysticism, and cults.

In the search for the truth, we find in the darkness a flashlight. The flashlight gives a bit of illumination and relief from the utter darkness and the stumbling around. With the small ray of light, we find a thick book. Every page of the book is rules and things to do to find the one hiding. Works are the essence of religion.

Religion is man’s rules which have us on an endless journey of tasks. Each task and repetitive lifeless action has us convinced, like a treasure map, they are leading us to eternal riches, if nothing else, a life of internal peace. Religion has never delivered this to a single soul, nor can it.

Becoming Outlaws

Becoming Outlaws are people who once were in one of these scenarios but, through divine intervention, found the truth. When they did, they realized the other player was never hiding. Their nagging and longing have been resolved, and they have found hope, joy, and peace.

They have become what I call ‘outlaws.’ By finding and being transformed by truth, they are filled with God’s light and love and naturally become outsiders to a world that is still stumbling in darkness.

There Can Only Be One Truth

I often hear a saying when religious belief comes up in conversation: ‘ I know my truth.’ We’ve come to accept that saying in a world of political correctness. Yes, anyone can have their own opinions and beliefs. However, logic itself dictates there can only be one truth.

Over 2,000 years ago, a former carpenter turned traveling Jewish Rabbi was on trial before the Roman leader of that area, Pontius Pilate. For the previous three years, the Rabbi had become known for speaking wisdom beyond the likes of anyone before him. He had confirmed miracles, and the masses believed him to be from God.

The religious leaders knew he was no ordinary man. They concluded He must be from God, or his words and powers were given to him by evil forces. Since they were the channel to God, they concluded he was evil.

What is Truth?

Pilate asked him, ‘What is truth?‘ The Rabbi told the Roman leader, ‘the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” This Rabbi, at another time, said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man comes to the Father (God) except through me.’

In the ‘hide and seek’ game of humanity’s search for meaning and truth, this is the direct way to find the one who appears to be hiding from us. He’s the light we need in the darkness. There’s no side room of toys to hang out in, no flashlight with a rulebook, but a direct and singular path.

Scripture teaches that he came searching for us in this world of darkness, so He is not hard to find. He states in scripture, ‘if you seek Me, you will find Me.’

A Wanted Fugitive

Like the Dukes of Hazzard theme song, this traveling Rabbi ‘was in trouble with the law since the day He was born.’ Local law enforcement slaughtered any male under two years of age in the vicinity, hoping to kill him, but his family smuggled him into another country by night.

When the heat was off a few years later, his family moved back into an unlikely neighborhood and had him live and grow with his true identity hidden.

At 30, he reemerged into the public eye, where he once again was a wanted man by the governing civic and religious leaders. Three years later, he surrendered himself to the authorities to be executed along with common criminals. His body was sealed in a tomb.

What was His Crime? Bringing the light of God into a world of darkness. He was resurrected and offers this light even today to those who will believe. You then become a light in a world of darkness. You, by nature, become an outlaw as well.

Ken McMullen

Ken McMullen

Ken is the creator and podcast host of "Becoming Outlaws," which attracts listeners from various religions, cultures, and ethnicities across the country and beyond.

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