Israeli-Arab Conflict: The Biblical Root

The biblical story of Abraham is often cited as one of the historical and religious foundations for the Israeli-Arab conflict. According to the Bible, Abraham is considered the father of the Jewish people through his son Isaac and the father of the Arab people through his son Ishmael. Here is a brief overview of the biblical narrative and its connection to the conflict:

My Falling Out With BioLogos

The job at BioLogos was a significant opportunity for me – both in prestige and remuneration. Yet, I am steadfast in my belief: if a doctrine isn’t unequivocally grounded in scripture, no institution has the right to mandate it as a personal belief.

Amish: History, Beliefs & Concerns

The Amish community, often perceived as a relic of the past coexisting with modern society, offers a fascinating study in cultural preservation and the price of technological abstention. As we continue to gallop into the digital age, their simpler way of life both confounds and intrigues those of us who are immersed in technological comforts. But who are the Amish, and what do they truly believe?

UFO’s & Government Secrets: A Discussion with Dr. Hugh Ross

The quest for extraterrestrial life has always fascinated humanity. From popular culture to scientific studies, our collective curiosity about “life out there” has remained insatiable. One particular statement making headlines in recent times revolves around David Grush’s testimony before a subcommittee of the US Congress regarding alleged US government cover-ups of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial entities.

What Does “Becoming Outlaws” Mean?

The “Becoming Outlaws” podcast delves into engaging conversations with celebrities, theologians, and various voices. It explores the theme of following Jesus, defying societal norms, and probing the profound questions of faith.

RETURN OF THE ANNUNAKI: Separating Fact from Fiction

In our modern age, there is perhaps no ancient legend more enigmatic and captivating than the story of the Anunnaki. From ancient Mesopotamian texts to modern UFOlogists and even rumored Pentagon documents, the myth of the Anunnaki has evolved and adapted over millennia, finding a new audience in the digital age.