My Journey Out of Mormonism: Lynn Wilder

Dr. Lynn Wilder
Dr. Lynn Wilder, Unveiling Grace author & podcaster. A former professor at Brigham Young University

Lynn Wilder’s journey out of the Mormon Church was long and arduous. For many years, she had been a devout member of the Church, committed to her faith and actively involved in mission work. However, her experiences with the Mormon Church began to change when her son, Micah, left the faith and became an evangelical Christian. Wilder was shocked by her son’s decision and struggled to understand why he would turn away from the Church.

As Wilder began to explore the Biblical faith more deeply, she started questioning some of the Mormonism tenets. She was troubled by the Church’s teachings on grace, salvation, and eternal progression and began feeling increasingly disconnected from the community she had been a part of for many years. Eventually, after much soul-searching and prayer, Wilder decided to leave the Mormon Church and embrace the Biblical faith.

Wilder’s story is a powerful reminder that leaving a religious community can be incredibly difficult and painful. However, it can also be a growth journey, self-discovery, and renewed faith. Wilder has inspired others struggling with similar questions and doubts by sharing her story. Listen or view the entire conversation.

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