UKRAINE: War & Faith w/ Yuriy Boyochko

With the media focus being on the war in Israel, its easy to nearly forget their is still a war going on in Ukraine. Societies, civilizations, and wars can never be fully understood without adding the context of belief. Religion and world view are always at the core.

Ukraine and Russia are no different, even though their history is long and complex. Ukraine is a nation with a rich tapestry of religious traditions and a history steeped in resilience. In this land, where faith has often been a source of unity and solace, it has also been a battlefield of beliefs, entangled with political, cultural, and national identity.

This episode explores how these deeply held beliefs have played a pivotal role in the ongoing war with Russia and seeks to understand the intricate connections between faith and the fight for sovereignty. Ukrainian born and raised Yuriy Boyechko, Founder & President of HopeForUkraine, sheds light on this topic.

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