Killers & Evil w/ Dr. Michael Caparrelli

In this episode, we delve into one of the most notorious chapters in American criminal history – the Son of Sam case. David Berkowitz, the infamous serial killer, terrorized New York City in the 1970s. His capture in August 1977 marked the end of his reign of terror, leading to his imprisonment and conviction for multiple murders. The Son of Sam case still sends chills down our spines, but it also raises thought-provoking questions about redemption, evil, and the human psyche.

Episode guest is Dr. Michael Capperelli, author of the recently released book ‘Monster Mirror,’ written after spending 100 hours in prison interviews with David Berkowitz.

Dr. Caparelli’s unique background as a pastor for 16 years and his Ph.D. in Advanced Studies of Human Behavior make him uniquely qualified to understand both the spiritual and psychological aspects of human behavior.

‘Monster in the Mirror’ now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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