A White Man’s Religion? w/ Abdu Murray

Women in the church, race, and slavery.
In this thought-provoking episode we dive deep into the perception of modern-day Christianity in the Western world. Join us as we challenge the stereotypes that paint Christianity as primarily Caucasian and often criticized for its treatment of women within the church.

Contrary to these misconceptions, we explore the historical roots of Christianity, where early Christians were far from being primarily Caucasian, and the faith was even humorously mocked as the “religion of women and children” due to its female-dominated followers.

Additionally, we tackle a critical question: Does the Bible condone slavery? Our guest, apologist Abdu Murray, author of “More Than a White Man’s Religion” and president of Embrace the Truth Ministries, provides insightful perspectives that unravel the misinterpretations surrounding this controversial topic.

Women in the Church, Race, and Slavery Join us on a journey to understand the true essence of Christianity and its rich history, challenging preconceived notions and delving into the complexities of faith, diversity, and social justice in the context of religion.

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